Judging Passions by Roger Giner-Sorolla

Melbourne Moral Psychology Lab recommends a recently published book about moral emotions by Prof Roger Giner-Sorolla of the University of Kent.

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Harm & Other/Purity & Self

Harming Ourselves and Defiling Others

Chakroff, A., Dungan, J., & Young, L. (2013). Harming ourselves and defiling others: what determines a moral domain?. PloS one, 8(9), e74434. Read more about Harm & Other/Purity & Self

Moral Tribes by Joshua Greene

Need a recommendation for a good book about moral psychology? Check out Joshua Greene’s Moral Tribes.

This book covers emotions versus reason, group morality versus individual morality, political ideation or liberal and conservative morality, and moral philosophy as well.

Joshua Greene has included many interesting empirical studies and some thought provoking theories to engage all readers, not just academics.

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