On this page we'll collect links to a number of researchers, other blogs and websites that are worth checking out. If you know of a group you think should be featured here, let us know!

Dan Ariely's home page. Ariely researches behavioural economics, and blogs here. The weekly "Ask Ariely" columns are often very informative!

Paul Bloom's home page. Bloom researches how children and adults understand the social world. He also heads the Mind and Development Lab at Yale.

Brian D. Earp is a researcher at the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. He also tweets about a lot of interesting things!

Jonathan Haidt's home page. Haidt researches morality and emotions, and is particularly well known for Moral Foundations research. His lab can be found here.

At Measure of Doubt you can find fascinating posts about science, rationality, philosophy and psychology. One of my favourites is about calibrating our confidence.

If you're interested in neuroscience and psychology, check out mindhacks, a great blog which often deals with issues that come up in the mainstream media.

At Brown University, Fiery Cushman heads the Moral Psychology Research Lab. You can find a list of all their publications here.