July 2012

What's in a name?

Recent work from our lab has shown that people with easy to pronounce names tend to be better liked and may also be more successful in the workplace. Sam Sommers (author of Situations Matter) blogged about this research in a July piece for the Huffington Post Read more about What's in a name?

Hanne M Watkins (Social Media Manager)

I am studying the combined Master of Clinical Psychology/PhD. My PhD is about the morality of killing in war, but I am also interested in more cheerful topics - such as social psychology, moral psychology in general, and mindfulness.

I completed my undergrad at the University of Melbourne in 2010, and my Honours project was about psycholinguistics. As well as English, I speak Norwegian, and mumble enough German and Italian to get me to the train station. Read more about Hanne M Watkins (Social Media Manager)