May 2013

Does every wrongdoing harm someone?

Indelible Victims (DeScioli, Gilbert, & Kurzban, 2012)

This week, we discussed an article that posed the question: Are actions morally wrong if those actions have no victim?

The authors argue that perhaps a moral dyad (an agent and a patient/an actor and a victim) is necessary for understanding morality. If there are no patients or victims, then there is no wrongdoing. This is known as a victim requirement (Gray, Young, & Waytz, 2012). Further, victim completion is when we perceive a victim of a moral offense even when the victim is absent or unclear. Read more about Does every wrongdoing harm someone?

DSM Birds

The other day I wrote a post on my personal blog about "operationalisation". The post ends rather abruptly, because I was writing it in a gap between participants arriving at the lab for data collection, and suddenly they showed up and I had to relinquish the computer. Read more about DSM Birds