August 2013

Conscience and Condemnation

Last month @mrphuff tweeted me an article about the “Mysteries of Morality”, by DeScioli and Kurzban from 2009. I was glad of the reminder, because it’s a review article I read at the beginning of my PhD (a long time ago!), but which it was definitely worth coming back to now that I’ve spent a couple of years reading about morality. Read more about Conscience and Condemnation

Now You See Me

Who is the good guy and who is the villain…it depends on who you ask. In fact, throughout the whole movie, I found myself trying to identify the saints and sinners and, perhaps like in real life, the characters seemed to be a lot of both. Read more about Now You See Me

The Great Debate

One of the things I really appreciate about studying in our department, is how approachable and easy-going everyone is, and how often students and staff can take part in the same events, from journal clubs to soccer matches. Read more about The Great Debate



By Hanne Watkins

A couple of weeks ago Melissa posted an overview of recent articles in moral psychology, and I asked on twitter which one of them caught our followers’ eye. @simbera replied that the first one looked interesting, because from the abstract it seemed as if “a dichotomy was drawn between meritocracy and egalitarianism”, whereas he “would have considered them fairly compatible – i.e. it’s about (true) equality of opportunity”. Read more about Meritocracy

Moral Psychology Research – What’s new? (August 2013)

Moral Psychology Research – What’s new? (August 2013)

1. Getting liberals and conservatives to go green: Political ideology and congruent appeals. Kidwell, Blair; Farmer, Adam; Hardesty, David M. Journal of Consumer Research40.2 (Aug 2013): 350-367.

2. The August 2011 riots: Them and us. Lowe, Frank. Psychodynamic Practice: Individuals, Groups and Organisations19.3 (Aug 2013): 279-295.

3. Morality: incomplete without the cerebellum? Demirtas-Tatlidede, Asli; Schmahmann, Jeremy D. Brain: A Journal of Neurology136.8 (Aug 2013): 1-3. Read more about Moral Psychology Research – What’s new? (August 2013)