November 2013

Does elevation lead to altruistic behaviour?

Does Elevation Lead to Altruistic Behaviour? Commentary on Schnall, Roper and Fessler (2010).

By Jessie Sun Read more about Does elevation lead to altruistic behaviour?

Communicating the right emotions

Communicating the right emotions

By Melissa A. Wheeler

Last week in our journal discussion group, I presented an article by Kamans, van Zomeren, Gordijn, and Postmes (2013) titled: Communicating the right emotion makes violence seem less wrong. Read more about Communicating the right emotions

1:12 and Swiss Fairness

I was a bit stuck on what to write about today, but since I also somehow didn't write anything two weeks ago, I thought I had better not drop the ball again. Better late than never, and all that! So, I googled "morality", and hit the "news" button. Read more about 1:12 and Swiss Fairness