December 2013

Doctor Who's Trolley Dilemma

Doctor Who’s Trolley Dilemma

Last week, the 50th Anniversary special of Doctor Who (The Day of the Doctor) presented a very interesting and classic moral dilemma: Would you sacrifice millions to save billions? (Warning: spoilers!)

The Doctor is haunted by a decision he made in the past to end the Time War by committing double genocide (or xenocide). In extreme utilitarian fashion, he wiped out the Time Lords (his own ingroup) and the Daleks (his enemy) in order to save the entire universe. Read more about Doctor Who's Trolley Dilemma

What's New in Morality Research?

Moral Psychology Digest - December 2013

What’s New in Moral Psychology Research? In case anyone has time for some light reading over the holidays!

Abramovitch, A., Doron, G., Sar-El, D., & Altenburger, E. (2013). Subtle threats to moral self-perceptions trigger obsessive–compulsive related cognitions. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 37(6), 1132-1139. doi: Read more about What's New in Morality Research?