January 2014


I don't really do New Year Resolutions. It seems somehow strange - surely if you discover that you've picked up a bad habit or two during the year, it's best to address it straight away rather than wait for a particular (and potentially hung over) date to make the change? Others (among them the APA) have had similar criticisms, of course. Read more about 2014

The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan

But deeper than that, this is a novel about suffering and about surviving, about bending your moral code until it fits your actions. And once you strip away the violence and degradation, it somehow transforms into a story about the goodness of humanity. Read more about The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan

Religion, Brain, and Behavior

Exciting news from the Melbourne Moral Psychology Lab!

Melissa, Nick, and I are getting published in Religion, Brain, and Behavior! Read more about Religion, Brain, and Behavior

Hard to Get

At the last social psych journal club meeting before Christmas, Illy presented an article on the phenomenon “playing hard-to-get”. As the paper included four studies, there was a lot to discuss – and since it was about dating (technically, “manipulating one’s perceived availability as a mate”), we also had a lot of fun with it. Read more about Hard to Get