June 2014


“You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is a habit, not an act.” It was, allegedly, Aristotle who wrote the above aphorism. On Tuesday there is a free talk at uni by the famous Roy Baumeister, on “Willpower: how to make it work for you”.

(Come along! 9am -10 am, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, 234 Queensberry Street, Room Q219 on Level 2; it’s hosted by The Centre for Positive Psychology.) Read more about Willpower

Upcoming Ethics and Sustainability Conference

Are you interested in the ethics of sustainability? Are you interested in listening to interdisciplinary perspectives on sustainability?

There is an upcoming conference entitled the "Melbourne Sustainability Perspectives and Ethics Conference" which is to be held at Melbourne University on the 15th of August (9am-5pm). If you would like to attend you can do one or more of the following things: register, submit an abstract for a short (15min) or long (30min) talk, or participate in the afternoon panel discussion. Read more about Upcoming Ethics and Sustainability Conference

Justifying Atrocities (Coman et al., 2014)

Justifying Atrocities: The effect of moral-disengagement strategies on socially shared retrieval-induced forgetting (Coman, Stone, Castano, & Hirst, 2014)

This week in our journal discussion group, I presented the above paper by Coman et al. (2014). According to the authors, when we discuss atrocities, we talk about more than just the facts. Based on the moral disengagement literature, we also seek to justify those atrocities. However, these discussions may change over time due to memory decay, when an audience loses interest, or a desire to downplay the justifications. Read more about Justifying Atrocities (Coman et al., 2014)

Monday (Football) Madness

Given how far into my PhD I am, how many papers I've been reading lately, and how much work is getting done in the whole lab, I really should have something serious and moral psych related to write about. Read more about Monday (Football) Madness

Julia Meis

I am studying a bi-national PhD at the University of Melbourne and the University of Bielefeld (Germany). I am interested in a broad range of topics in social psychology and in particular in economic inequality and positive psychology (even though these topics are not connected – yet).

I completed my bachelor in business psychology at the Leuphana University Lüneburg and my research oriented Psychology Master at the University of Cologne before I moved to Melbourne. So, undertaking research in Australia and Germany is a great pleasure for me. Read more about Julia Meis

Our Favorite Morality Quotes

"Without freedom there can be no morality."

CARL JUNG, Two Essays on Analytical Psychology

This quote always gets me wondering if this is true. Is freedom a prerequisite for morality or is freedom a product of our evolutionarily developed moral sense?

Post a comment or share your favorite morality quotes! Read more about Our Favorite Morality Quotes