I think the title of this post might be a portmanteau of "weekend" and "rambling".
We've been having some teething problems with this blog, you see, but don't worry! We're getting there, in fits and starts, and meanwhile, there's plenty of other intelligent things to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Below is a small and incomplete collection of blogs you might find interesting...

Less Wrong says of itself that it is devoted to the art of refining human rationality. This, for example, is a post on how we are insensitive to quantity, and how that might be a good thing to know - if you are considering donating to charity, or designing a campaign perhaps.

Oxford Uehiro is a place I would love to visit, one day... meanwhile, there is their Practical Ethics blog, when I'm after inspiration and a reminder that morality matters.

Measure of Doubt is just great. I'm guessing they'd like xkcd, too.


And now that you've been inspired by all the fascinating research that's happening out there, how about participating in some of your own? By which I mean, follow this link [CLICK] to take part in an international research project on Social and Political Attitudes. Takes about 15 minutes, and certainly sets the cogs turning!

We're putting studies up online on this page too, so keep an eye out for more chances to be a part of SCIENCE fun. ;)

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