I read somewhere recently that if a webpage is a living room, then a blog is a kitchen. I've been struggling a bit with how to write for this (new!) blog, but something about this idea set the cogs turning in my mind.

Because if this blog is a kitchen, it is one with a well-stocked pantry. We’ve got numerous fresh ingredients, exotic spices and a pile of recipe books. Given the opportunity for some weighing and measuring, some mixing and stirring, we’ll be able to provide you, dear readers, with many a tasty idea to chew on; we can pour you a glass of home-brewed knowledge; as a nourishing snack there will be food for thought; and… okay, perhaps I’ve stretched the metaphor a bit too far.

With this post, however, I would like to invite you to think about this blog not as a kitchen, but as a restaurant. By which I mean, I am going to present you with a menu of the kind of things we’ll be covering here. At the moment it is a fairly short menu (having too many choices leads to unhappiness, you know), but you’re welcome to suggest additions and alterations. We’d also like to know what kind of thing you want more of!

So with no further ado…


Menu a la MMPL

Book Reviews
If you know of any books related to moral psychology, drop us a line!

Reviews of Academic Articles
This is already happening at the weekly MMPL meetings, so on this blog will be a summary of the meetings. We may also review other, recent, research however, so keep an eye out for it! Also, later post is coming up, about what the MMPL has done so far.

Interviews with Interesting People in the Moral Psychology Field
Know someone interesting and/or interested? Let us know!

Thoughts and Comments on “Things That Happen In The Real World”
Pretty self explanatory, but if you come across something on which you’d like an MMPL perspective, feel free to get in touch.


Looking forward to dining with you soon! We’re fully licensed, and take cash or credit card. Tipping is not compulsory.

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