Melissa Wheeler

Dr. Melissa Wheeler is a research fellow at the Centre for Ethical Leadership at Ormond College and the Melbourne Poche Centre for Indigenous Health. Her research focuses on clinical decision making and the role of unconscious bias on health disparities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous patients, with the aim of developing equity training programs at the tertiary level.

She has a PhD in moral and social psychology from the University of Melbourne, and she holds a BA in psychology from the University of Alabama, and a BA (Hons) from the University of Melbourne. Under the supervision of Dr. Simon Laham and Professor Yoshihisa Kashima, her PhD explored the social process of communication in moral psychology, with a specific look at the effects of moral foundation content and intended audience on the kinds of appeals used in persuasive communication.

Melissa has an ongoing interest in the field of moral psychology, including topics such as shifts in moral language use following traumatic events, creativity in moral justifications, and individual differences in thinking styles as predictors of moral foundation endorsement. Additionally, she is involved in the Gender Equality Project at the Centre for Ethical Leadership, which is currently investigating the use of gender targets and quotas as strategies for achieving a more balanced representation of men and women in leadership roles.