Moral of the Story: Books About War

I’ve been reading a lot of books about war lately. And even the ones that haven’t been about war, have still included death. It’s been pretty gloomy, but I’ll try not to bring the mood down too low in this post!

I just wanted to highlight two books, and an interesting difference/similarity I observed between them.

1. For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Ernest Hemingway. Read more about Moral of the Story: Books About War

Moral of the Story: Ender's Game

A couple of weeks ago I sent a photo to a friend, documenting the various components of my evening activities – I was curling up with a good book, cheese and crackers, and some tasty local(ish) beer. She wrote back (and I paraphrase), “you’re reading that??” Read more about Moral of the Story: Ender's Game

Golden Means*

I’ve been terribly bad at doing my work today. But then again, what I’ve been doing instead of work has been pretty good, in the sense that it has involved discussions, sports, food, more discussions, reading, coffee, talking, and laughing. Rather a lot. And all of these things – particularly due to the social aspect of it all – are things that I value.

Which brings me to… Read more about Golden Means*

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